Propolis BeeCream is made from Wildflower Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis, St. John’s Wort Oil, Royal Jelly, Purified Water, and Balsam Fir Needles as fragrance and vitamin C source.

These ingredients have been carefully chosen and hand harvested in a small wilderness area in Ontario, where the hives are placed.

Lanolin is hypoallergenic, of highest quality.

Our Honey, Pollen and Propolis are made by the bees from the same apiary, which explains the compatibility of all the ingredients and exceptional quality of our cream. Royal Jelly is harvested in US and is of a superb quality.

Honey is collected as nectar from the wild flowers. It is pure, unpasteurised and unfiltered.

Pollen, depending on the season, is collected from mixture of other wild flowers.

Propolis is of the highest quality: only from Poplar and Fir trees.

The flowers of St. John's Wort are carefully chosen and only young tips of Balsam Fir are used as a fragrance and  Vitamin C  source.

Honey, Propolis and Balsam Fir are very strong natural antibiotics so no preservatives are needed to keep the cream from spoiling. As proven by history and science, Honey is the only food on earth that will not spoil and will stay potent forever. It will keep the cream potent forever too.

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