A Note from Our Founder, Aneta Chencinski

Honeycomb Botanicals was borne out of my passionate desire to help families thrive in the demanding world in which we live. As a highly-trained chemist and deeply experienced psychotherapist, I’ve seen first-hand the damage wrought by the materials we’ve been putting in, and on, our bodies.  Highly processed food products laced with unhealthy “government-approved” ingredients are nudging our children towards inattentive, hyperactive behaviour.

Meanwhile, mom and dad are applying skin creams and other cosmetics to their skin in blissful ignorance of the damage they’re doing to their endocrine systems and their DNA. The impact of a cancer illness on a family is devastating, and as I watched family members succumb to this dreadful disease, I yearned to be part of a solution.

In my psychotherapy practice, I was supporting families held hostage by their children’s temper tantrums and defiant behaviour, and helping everyone deal with the ravages of anger, stress, anxiety, and disease. My priority was, and is, to help make a family life happier, and assist all members to interact on a more harmonious, respectful level.

Have you hit your limit yet? More freedom is available to us—a bigger life, a brighter future, evens a sound night’s sleep.

“More” came into my life on a wing and a buzz. I have long been enchanted by the power of nature to heal and I’m a true believer in the potency and strength of Nature’s gifts in their purest form. A scientist to the core, though, I did a lot of research and eventually concluded that bee-related products just might be the safe and powerful answer my psychotherapy clients—not to mention my precious family—were looking for. And so many other people besides. As I dug deeper, I became amazed by the remarkable healing power of products from the hive. I began recommending the products of the bees and I noticed how quickly people responded to the healthy supply of nutrients and minerals they delivered to both body and brain. The health and behavioral changes were magnificent!!!

Honeycomb Botanicals was duly launched as a delicate and noble collaboration between my team and Nature at its purest, most harmonious, most potent. Our products vibrate with health, liveliness and happiness!

Into Honeycomb Botanicals I have woven all my knowledge, experience and love. I’ve combined it with the best that Nature has to offer and am proud to present to you a line of products that is packed with the best of the best: Raw Ontario Bee Pollen, Propolis, Raw and Unpasteurized Honey, Raw and dry Royal Jelly, Beeswax Candles, and more!

To bring you even more delight, I’ve recently launched BeeJolie Cosmetics. This project is especially dear to my heart, as it was born out of my deep heartbreak and feelings of helplessness over the mighty fight of my mother and sister with the cancers that eventually claimed their lives. In the wake of their battles, I wanted to soothe, I wanted to support. And, as a mother, a daughter, and a sister, I wanted to help! I jumped into the devotional task of developing clean and gentle ointments to sooth and nourish from the outside in. BeeJolie products are made with natural ingredients from the Bee Hive, and local plants and they are packaged in glass containers. There are no harmful chemicals in our products and they are gentle enough to be used by individuals with delicate and sensitive skin.

I invite you to explore what we have to offer here, and see what resonates with you. Then treat yourself, inside and out, to the “clean” Canadian products we’ve made available to you, products that will make you look and feel younger, healthier and full of life and vitality. 


                                         Remember that our products come from bees! If you have a bee-related allergy,                                                               please do not use our  products unless you are certain they will pose no risk to your health and well-being


In gratitude for the bees who make such a difference in our world,


Bee well